Things to do in mount abu

Along with the sight seeing mount abu has a lot much to do ... find out the top 5 things to do in mount abu which will make your visit to mount abu a memorable one.

top things to do in mount abu, boat rid or boating

Boat ride or boating in nakki lake

Nakki Lake in mount abu is the most favorite tourist place which remains busy throughout the day. This tourist attraction attracts people mainly for the boat ride or boating. During the boat ride one can see the beautiful mountains and jungle all around. It’s the highest artificial lake in entire middle India with the altitude of 1200 meters ( 4,000 feet ). The climate of mount abu remains pleasant throughout the year which increases the joy of the ride. 

For boating one can hire boat from the following options :

1. Pedal boat: ideal for 2 adults, mostly the couple likes these boat’s.

Charges = 400 Rs ( 2 person ) 

Minimum Duration = 30 minutes approx. 

2. Rowing boat: it’s the economical option for big families or groups. Kind of big boat with a rower or guide who tells stories and share information about the lake and around. One should pay a tip for his aide. 

Charges : Around 50 – 80 Rs per person

Minimum Duration : 30 minutes

3. Shikara : the famous boat from the north india ‘shikara’ is a royal choice which is quite expensive but is highly comfortable with its long length to stretch your legs, back cushion support … and the rower behind makes a perfect blend of memorable boating experience.

Charges : around 600 - 800 Rs (2 person)

Minimum Duration : 30 minutes.

During the boat ride one sees the following places on clockwise direction:

1. Toad rock

2. Hanuman temple

3. Gayatri temple

4. Revolving drum

5. Mother india temple 

Note : one must wear the life jacket and return to the starting point on the scheduled time. No standing in the boat. No playing with the water.

During the high season cars are not allowed to access to the main gate so park your car at the parking ( 200 meters away) and walk to the lake. 

horse riding activities in mount abu, things to do in mount abu

Horse Riding

The horses came to mount abu along with the British and the kings polo teams to be the part of the game. For years the horse polo tournaments were organized here in the ‘Trevor’s oval polo ground’ & the ‘alwar palace polo ground’. With the fading of the historical era the horses shifted towards tourism for living. Now the tourist enjoys the horse ride in mount abu on the following places :

1. Arya samaj parking, near nakki lake :

This parking is at the north bank of the lake and one can ride from here to brahma kumari’s, dholpur house etc.

Horse owners name : golu, manji, manoj

2. Tibetan market , sunset road : 

This is more crowded place from where you can ride to the sunset parking, around polo ground and to the taxi stand.

Horse owners name : dalpat or dala, kaalu, jeetu

Charges : 50 rs for 10 minutes ride.

You can book your ride while visiting these places and paying some money in advance . they will come to your hotel with horses on the given time.

revolving drum ride in mount abu

Revolving Drum ride in mount abu near lake

while boating or walking around the lake one can easily notice a revolving and moving upward red colored drum shape thing on an high tower. This is a recently getting famous thing to do in mount abu where one can go upto the height of around 100 -150 meters and have a superb 360 degree view of the the hill station including the lake, mountains, forest and the town. Its an amazing activity for kids. They love it.

Charges = 200 Rs per person

Duration = 15 – 20 minutes

Timing = 09:00 A.M. - 09:00 P.M  

trekking and hiking in mount abu

Trekking in the forest

More than 300 square kilometers of reserved subtropical evergreen forest of mount Abu can be explored through 18 major treks, trails and pathwayswith the permission of forest department. Jeep safari is the best option for those who don’t want to trek or hike.

Most popular trekking & hiking destinations in the wildlife sanctuary are known as Craig's path, table rock, shanti shikhar, adesh avdhoot cave and agneshwar. Trekking in the jungle of mount Abu benefits acknowledgement of rare flora & fauna ( orchids, wild roses, sloth bear, leopard, antelope etc. ), rare birds ( green munia, red whiskered bulbul, kingfisher etc. ), magnificent views of jungle, mountains, sunset and sunrise. 

Charges : 500 Rs per person

Duration : 4 hours

camping adventure activities in mount abu

Camping in the nature

Adventure lovers who comes to mount abu has the first preference to stay in the nature and thus there are some camping sites in mount abu with different locations depending on the level of wilderness, view and facilities.