queries regarding camping & trekking advenutres


Q. how can i book ?

A. you have to confirm your arrival at least a day before and pay a little token amount for example 500 - 1000 Rs. for big groups like more than 10 person you have to pay 20 percent in advance. rest of the amount will be taken by the time of checkout.

Q. What is the exact address ?

A. Pandav Gufa,via kanyakumari temple, behind dilwara jain temples , mount abu

Q. How to reach at the campsite ?

A. By Train :

There isn't any railway station in mount abu , the nearest one is 27 km ( 22 km downhill + 5 km plain ) from mount abu known as 'Aburoad'. if you are coming by train you can easily find taxi outside the platform and they will charge 500 - 700 rs for whole cab/ 50-60 rs per person, to drop you to mount abu. from mount abu you will easily find a taxi to reach to the campsite.

By Bus & Taxi :

Buses and cars can easily reach mount abu. government and private buses drops you at government bus station and coal depot respectively which are near by each other from there you can hire a taxi to the campsite. they will charge 150 - 200 rs for the whole taxi. you won't find tuk - tuk in mount abu because they aren't good for climbs and zig - zag roads here. instead the jeeps are more in use with the seating capacity of 10 person's.

Give the driver the address of the campsite or let him talk to us so that we can make him understand the address.

By personal vehicle :

If you are coming by personal vehicle, the 22 km climb to mount abu will start from the little town called 'talheti'. there isn't any restaurant or washroom for ladies for 20 km so benefit them at 'talheti'. during the climb you will pass 'dudam shah dargah , hanuman temple and a restaurant named 'jungle restaurant' at the end before reaching to 'toll naka'. you will be charged for the vehicle and person by the tax from forest and muncipality.  around 200 for car and 50 for bike. 

After driving for a minute you will see the division, take the right hand side road and head for dilwara jain temples. after driving for 10 minutes you will reach dilwara jain temples main parking on the left. enter in it and pass through the back gate and you will reach kanya kumari temple. this small temple is at the right hand side, you go straight from the narrow road and after driving for 1 minute you will reach to a human passway and a gate. park your vehicle here and enter through the passway and you will see the agriculture field and a bizarre looking rock with holes in it. pass carefully through the field and dont pluck flowers, fruits or vegtables. there will be few steps and then the campsite.

Q. what are the charges ?

A. The package cost rs 1400 per person includes :

1. overnight stay at the campsite in tents with comfortable bedding.

2. bonfire for 2 hours.

3. 1 breakfast - 1 lunch  - 1 dinner + refreshments.

4. trekking - hiking - caving for 3 to 4 hours during the day.

5. forest entrance fee for indian guest  (50 rs).

you can also customize your package :

separate price's are

Only stay - 600 rs pp

Bonfire - 100 pp (2 hours)

Only trekking - hiking - caving (4 hrs) - 500 rs pp

Breakfast - 80 rs

Lunch - 200 rs

Dinner - 200 rs

This is the price for small groups like 1 to 10 person. for bigger groups we provide discounts.

Q. do i need to carry anything in particular with me ?

A. you need following tings during trekking & caving:

1. sport / hiking shoes or sandals.

2. full sleeve clothes.

3. full pants.

The treks are rocky and their are thorny shrubs & bushes in the forest. sport or hiking shoes gives good grip and support to ankle whereas full sleeves and pants protects from getting scratched.

Q. what kind of clothes do i need to bring along with me?

A. Dec - Feb : it will be very cold so you must bring jackets, sweaters, caps, muffler and gloves.

    March - mid July : it will be pleasant to mid warm climate, you just need the normal clothes.

    Aug. - mid Nov. : it will be raining, sometimes heavily so must bring umbrella, raincoat and monsoon footwear's.

we experience many guest during monsoon who loves the waterfalls, fog and showering rains in the forest during trekking and camping. our tents are waterproof and guest says that it turns into an amazing adventure tour during the monsoon. due to the mountain area the water quickly flows down from mount abu and the nature turns into a paradise.