climate of mount abu


Pleasant climate


Duration :  march - june

Maximum Temp. :  32 - 36 degrees

Minimum Temp.  :  10 - 15 degrees

Mount abu is mainly visited during summers due to its pleasant cool climate when the rest of middle india is burning with heat. the subtropical evergreen forest of mount abu are at its best during summer. days are bigger for a better sightseeing. keep some light warm clothes for early mornings and late evenings.


Rainfall - 1615 mm ( 63.6 inches)

It rains really good in mount abu because of the height and mountains. the landscape becomes heavenly with the hide & seek of fog and mist. The waterfalls in the nature  are the biggest attraction during the monsoon. sometimes there isn't the view due to clouds and fog but for some tourist that is what they expect. must carry umbrella, raincoat and monsoon footwear's to stay protected during unexpected trouble.


Winters are cool in Mount Abu, with mercury hovering around 16 °C to 22 °C. Nights are chilly, and the average night temperature is around 4 to 12 °C. The temperature has dipped to as low as −2 to −3 °C. Heavy winter clothing is preferable. In daytime, light pullovers are sufficient.