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Important Treks & Trails - Mount Abu

Shanti Shikhar - Peak Of Peace


named after ' shanti ' a jain monk who penance'd here on the top, shanti shikhar is a heavenly hiking trekking destination located t the height of 1300 meters.  

Craigs Path - Craig's Point


during british era in india nature lover ' craig ' explored this stunning trekking trail and view point viewing anadara village, old route, agriculture farms and sunset through verdant valleys & jungle.  the adventure treks covers lemon stream and avdhoot nath cave (aghori cave). 

Table Rock - Deep Trek


Highest mountain peak around the town 'table rock' is located at the altitude of 1600 meters. the trail is a bit demanding completely wild through water bodies, shrubs, woods and grassland.    

Agneshwar Temple Trek


mythological shiva temple in the deep jungle - agneshwar mahadev temple trek is an up and down one with rare flora .... high chances to see wild animals. the trek ends at 'mount abu adventures campsite - dilwara. 

Adesh Cave - Mythic Trek


Adesh - the founder of aghori sect lived in this cave and practiced isolation thus named as adesh cave. the cave is naturally shaped as a room with attached kitchen. 

Trevor's Tank - Wildlife Sanctuary


Natue preserver 'trevor' established a water tank for wild animals and birds right in the middle of the forest. at present few crocodiles lives in the tank and feast on carp fishes, monkeys etc. 

Shergaon - Ville De Lion


once upon a time there lived a lot of lions here thus the village was named after the lions - sher gaon ( village of lion ). its an demanding trek - hike of 14 k.m. one side. as you reach the village their is the temple of local deity 'bhairu' where you can stay in night and use the cooking utensils available their.

Utraj - The Isolated Village


on the way to sher gaon 4 k.m. further from the guru shikhar is located the isolated village called ''utraj''. this trek is majorly used for a combination of trekking + village safari. nice setup of traditional houses and bygone lifestyle's existence.

tiger path - old road


an abandoned road which gradually turned into a jungle trek. britishers first made this road to mount abu from the plain. later they changed the plan and made the new one which is still in use. in olden days the trek was occupied with tigers so is called the ''tigers path''.

Aam Paani - Mango & Water


aam paani trek starts from anadara point at the west of mount abu hills. old colonial trek leads into the dense forest where one can rest in the shade of huge mango trees and quench their thirst with the water in the rocks.

Bhairu Tarak Dhaam - Jain Pilgrimage


oldest route to mount abu is from anadara village in the west. as the hike starts their is the jain pilgrimage with anciant jain temple and dharmshala ( temple stay ). the trek was used by the villagers to bring the milk, vegetables etc. up to the hill. at present its an fine trekking destination.

Bemali - The Plummy


named after the goddess 'bemali mata' at the southern mountain peak of mount abu is an demanding hike with lot of climbing.

explored during british era ... the mountain peak houses an temple and a water pond.